IME (Industria Macchine Elettroniche) Vintage Desktop Programmable Calculator

This complete set of vintage IME Calculator equipment includes:

2 IME 86 S Desktop Calculators
1 IME KB6 Remote Keyboard
1 IME MS30/60 Multistorage Unit with Keyboard
1 IME D6308 Digicorder Program Unit
IME PF 317 Output Unit for Card/Tape Punch
1 ADDO Card/Tape Punch Unit
1 Set of Manuals for all Machines
1 Set  of IME Cables

Original Dust Covers for most Machines
1 IME 86S Calculator with defect (probably in power supply), ideal for spare parts.

Everything in 100 % working order. Available for demo and testing.

TOTAL PRICE: EURO 1.000,-- (Value at time of purchase approx EURO 20.000 !)


The complete set

Most with original dustcovers

IME 86 S (machine 1)

IME 86 S (machine 2)

IME KB 6 Remote Keyboard

IME MS30/60 Multistorage with Input Keyboard

IME Digicorder

IME PF 317 Output Unit for Card/Tape Punch

ADDO Card/Tape Punch

The complete set

Manuals Calculator, Digicorder, Multistorage and Punch + Test Card

All Necessary Cables. 1x 10m , 3x 2m, Punch Connection Cable



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